Hotel Bulwar ****, Toruń
Hotel Bulwar ****, Toruń
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Bulwar Pet policy

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With your pupil in Torun

To Hotel Bulwar you can come with your dog, cat or another small friend of yours. We know that pets are family and they are welcome here in Torun. To ensure mutual comfort and safety of all our Guests please make sure to know our pet policy before arrival. 

Pet policy Bulwar

  1. While making a reservation, Guests are obliged to inform the hotel about their pets. Information should include species and breed of the pet.
  2. Pets accepted are limited to cats and dogs. Maximum two pets in a room.
  3. The Hotel reserves a right to refuse accommodating certain pets. Especially reptiles, rodents, aggressive breeds of dogs.
  4. Aggressive breeds of dogs according to polish legislation are:
  5. In case of Guests failing to inform the hotel about a pet on arrival, the hotel reserves a right to change a room or a room standard or add a fee of 300 PLN. Pets are allowed only in specific pet-friendly rooms.
  6. Checking-in with a pet the owner should have a health certificate of the pet. And for everyone’s safety we’d require proof of up-to-date vaccinations.
  7. Pet must be kept on a leash when in the hotel or on hotel property unless it is in the guest's room.
  8. Pets are not allowed in hotel restaurant, Bulwar SPA, Bulwar Club. This exclusion does not apply to guide dogs. 


  1. Pets must be fully trained and appropriately restrained by Guests.
  2. Pets must not be left unattended.
  3. Any disturbances such as barking must be curtailed to ensure other guests are not inconvenienced.
  4. In case of repeated disturbances and other guests inconvenience the hotel reserves a right to request Guests with pets to leave the hotel with no refund.
  5. In case of leaving the Pet unattended in the room, without an owner present the Hotel may be forced to call an Animal welfare services to remove the pet from the premises at Guest’s account. 


  1. Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pet on hotel property and in the surrounding areas.
  2. Cat owners are obliged to have a sanitary box for their pets. Waste should be left in a paper bag as the hotel has strict waste segregation policy.
  3. Pets should be kept off upholstered furniture. Guests are responsible for all property damages caused by their pets.
  4. Guests must contact the housekeeping department to arrange for a convenient time for servicing their room. 


  1. Guests are responsible for all property damages and/or personal injuries resulting from their pet. The hotel reserves the right to charge guest's account commensurate to the cost of such damages.
  2. Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless the hotel, its owners and its operator from all liability and damage suffered as a result of the guest's pet. 
  3. All damages to be valued by Hotel Management.


  1. Pet accommodation fee in Hotel Bulwar is 100 PLN/day each.
  2. Pet owner is required to acknowledge and sign this Pet policy at the reception at check- in.


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