Hotel Bulwar ****, Toruń
Hotel Bulwar ****, Toruń
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Bulwar Hotel Rules

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Peace and security for our guests


Hotel Management will appreciate your cooperation in respecting our rules, which are set to ensure that your stay will be peaceful and safe.

§ 1

  1. Hotel rooms are let on daily basis. The hotel day starts at 3pm and ends at 11pm.
  2. Check-in at the Reception has to be done accordingly to Polish legislation.
  3. By signing the hotel guest card, the Guests accept full liability for their bill.
  4. Should guest not define his length of stay it is assumed that the room is let for one day.
  5. All reservations in Hotel Bulwar are subject to changes until 6 pm. of the day prior to arrival. Should the Guests not arrive, the Hotel will charge them for the first day of stay.

§ 2

  1. The Guests should notify the Reception that they wish to extend their stay beyond the period indicated at check-in not later than at 10 am. on the day of initial check out.
  2. Such requests are subject to availability. The Hotel will fulfill Guest’s wish or offer help to find another accommodation.

§ 3

  1. Guests are not allowed to rent or pass a room to another person, even if their stay was prepaid and hotel day has not finished yet.
  2. Visitors may stay in a Guest’s room between 7 am and 10 pm, upon prior information provided to the Reception.
  3. A Guest can be refused acceptance, should they have flagrantly infringed the hotel rules during their previous stay in the hotel, by causing damage to the property of the hotel or other guests, or by inflicting injury to other guests or hotel staff or other persons on hotel premises, or should they have disturbed the peaceful stay of guests in the hotel or the functioning of the hotel.
  4. In case your visitors stay longer than until 10pm, the charge for extra person will be added to your bill on departure.

§ 4

  1. The Hotel renders services according to the category and standard it has been awarded.
  2. Should Guests wish to complain about service quality, they are requested to notify such complaints to the reception staff at the earliest possible moment to allow the hotel to react as soon as possible.
  3. The Hotel is obliged to ensure:
  • full and unrestrained rest to Hotel Guests
  • secure stay, including upholding the security of information about its Guests (RODO)
  • full scope of professional services offered by the hotel
  • that cleaning the room and performing repairs will take place when the Guests are absent or in their presence with prior consent.

§ 5

All payments are due to be paid at the Reception. The Hotel is obliged to issue an invoice or another proof of purchase. 

§ 6

On request Hotel offers following services free of charge:

  • information related to Guest’s stay or further travel
  • wake-up calls (via phone)
  • accepting money and valuables into safe storage during Guest’s stay in the hotel,
  • storing Guest’s luggage; the hotel may refuse to accept luggage into storage for periods other than guest’s stay and also other than personal luggage.

§ 7

  1. The Hotel accepts responsibility for the loss of or damage to possessions brought by Guests using hotel’s services to extent defined in the provisions of art.846-849 of the Polish Civil Code, unless agreed otherwise.
  2. Hotel guests should inform the hotel reception immediately after they’d noticed that damage has occurred.

§ 8

In case of loss or damage of money, jewelries, important documents or other valuables Hotel’s responsibility is limited unless the lost item was stored in the reception safety deposit box.

§ 9

  1. Night curfew in the Hotel is 10 pm. to 6 am the following day.
  2. The behavior of Guests and visitors should not disturb the peaceful stay of other Guests. The hotel may refuse to render any further services to a person who infringes that rule.

§ 10

  1. Whenever Guests leave their room, they should check if the door is locked.  
  2. Hotel guests are financially responsible for any damage to the hotel’s equipment and features caused by them or their visitors.
  3. In case of any damage noticed after departure the Hotel reserves a right to charge Guests for damages using provided financial information (credit card, bank account). Checking-in the hotel means accepting these rules of engagement and hence the financial responsibility.



§ 11

For fire safety reasons, use of electric heaters, irons and similar items is restricted to those that you borrow from the reception. Please, follow the safety, fire and hygiene regulations.

§ 12

  1. Personal belongings, which may be left in the hotel room on departure, could be sent to the address given by Guests, on their account.
  2. Should such instructions not have been given, the hotel will store such objects for a period of 3 months.


  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in entire Hotel. Your signature on Registration card obliges you to respect this rule.
  2. In case of smoking in the room the Guest agrees to pay a fee of 1000 PLN per each night of stay.  
  3. There is only one place where you can smoke and it is situated outside the hotel, next to the main entrance.


Pets are allowed. Your stay with pets is restricted to selected rooms. Conditions of pet allowance are set in separate PET ALLOWANCE RULES.


The bill for services provided has to be paid on the day of departure. In case of long stay the bill has to be paid every 5th day. We also request payment when the amount on your account reaches 2000 PLN. Payments have to be paid at Reception.


  1. The Hotel car park is paid for and unguarded.
  2. The Hotel is not responsible for cars and possessions left inside a car.
  3. General Car Park Rules are available at the car park entrance and at the Reception.
  4. Pricelist is available at the car park entrance and at the Reception.
  5. Guests will be charged 100 PLN, should they lose their parking card.


Hotel rules are valid from 01.01.2021




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